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Content Creation

Writing Content for Social Media

When it comes to engaging with your audience and writing content for social media platforms, success or failure will come down to exactly what content you are using on specific social media sites. What works on one may not necessarily work on the other and you will find that there are many nuances which once learnt will improve your engagement with your audience on social media.

While not an exhaustive list, this is going to help you get a feel for where your focus should be when writing content for social media audiences.

Top Tips for Social Media Content

Understand how to engage with your target audience: Ignoring the different platforms for a moment, you have to know who you’re talking to. Who is your target audience and what kind of language do they use? Are they hashtag lovers? Do they enjoy emojis? What kind of things do they find funny? Get familiar with who you are talking to and use the right techniques to reach them so that your posts are successful.

Use the right tools for the right platform: The literary tools you are using on social media platforms will define what you post and determine whether you reach your audience or not. Gone are the days when you could just copy and paste the same post to each platform. Twitter focuses on short one-liners, whereas Instagram relies on images and hashtags. Facebook does a blend, and so on. Understand your platform and what your audience expects so you give them what they want.

Keep it short and sweet: No one wants to read anything long. It’s the honest truth. To keep the reader’s attention, keep it focused on the main topic, and condense it as much as you can. Still have characters left over you want to fill? Don’t! If you have a long post, readers will just skim it. Keep it on-topic and link to the longer post where they can jump to read the whole thing.

While staying on-topic, get vulnerable: Social media users don’t want stilted marketing content. When writing content for social media sites, don’t be afraid to get a little informal. Don’t use a script if you make a video. Just focus on certain talking points. Post bloopers for extra credit. In an image, don’t go for the formal pose, have a little fun with it! Show your readers that you’re human instead of a machine and it’ll mean better engagement.

Learn from your own mistakes (and your competition): You’ll make mistakes at certain points. If it’s a post that reads the wrong way and insults people, learn from it and make sure you don’t do it again. If it’s a poorly performing post, use your analytics to understand why and, again, avoid it. Then, check out your competition and see what you can learn from them also.

Always add a “call-to-action”: While content on social media sites is for engaging and reacting, don’t forget that call to action (CTA)! Maybe it’s a product you’re promoting or a landing page or a blog post. Put it in at the end and watch those conversions roll in.

Social media is a powerful tool for companies and professionals, but there is a serious art in making sure that you are using it correctly.

When creating those first shaky posts make sure you are going about it the right way and learn from your mistakes and as you continue to improve your processes you will ensure your content is so much better and future so much brighter.

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Content Strategy

Whether you run an online drop-shipping store or an e-learning education platform one of the best things you can do is create a content strategy. Above all and most importantly quality content is key. It is the main reason people access the internet. They are looking for answers and it is your job to provide them.

Understanding your Audience and Industry Better

A documented content strategy begins with research. First and foremost creating a customer profile is key. Next step is to work out how best to present your company’s products to the relevant audience and how they may respond.

Once you have established your target market try to understand what they search for and carry out an analysis to find long-tail keywords. They are diamonds in the rough and can be filed away for future content marketing and promotion purposes

Whilst creating a detailed content strategy you may learn that the demographic you thought you were marketing to is not where your focus should be. Trying to please everyone limits your ability to target and engage with real potential customers. Your original perception of the industry may also change and find there are more competitors than first thought. Standing out from the crowd by establishing a point of difference is a huge advantage. Importantly, you may even find gaps in the market that you didn’t know existed. These gaps can offer major opportunities. As they say, knowledge is power and now you have it you can use it to take your business to new heights.

Creating an Actionable and Detailed Content Strategy

Creating a detailed content strategy will ensure every single line of text, image and content displayed is strategically placed, symbiotic with each other and totally thought through. It’s not an exact science and cannot be measured but the science of creating actionable and engaging copy is real. If you want copy and content to pay off long-term, you need to know exactly who you’re marketing to and how to do it effectively which is where a content strategy comes into play.

By design, having a content strategy also holds you accountable for following it through. It enables everyone within your organisation to quickly assess what content is appropriate and what you are trying to achieve. The process of creating it will allow you to document and retain detailed information about your business, who you are marketing to and why and provide valuable insight into competitors and the industry you are in.

Quality content is crucial. Creating a documented and detailed content strategy will ensure everything posted on your site is relevant and focused. Content aimed directly at your target audience. It will enhance your brand, improve your web presence and provide a solid base to grow your online business.

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