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Aspects of Web Design

When creating a website all aspects of web design must be considered. The content needs to bring truth to the design and set a visual tone. A well-constructed, beautifully designed and user-friendly website is an essential factor for converting visitor to customers.

Understanding what platform to use to best present the service and products is obviously important. Many with website experience realise that engaging a professional for web design is the logical thing to do.

Below are a few specific aspects of web design crucial in your quest for online success:

Load Speed – A website designer must ensure that end users are never held up when trying to visit a site.

Site Speed – Fast access to content and information will help build a brand and reputation and grow the customer base exponentially due to increased rankings in search engines.

Colour Palette – I can 100% guarantee colour has an enormous impact. Selecting an appropriate colour pallete is crucial. When considering what colours to use it’s a great idea to check out competitors. Check within the space to gauge whether a specific line of business uses a common colour palette. That’s not to say a unique colour palette is not a great idea but a web design agency should be across every detail when designing a website. In a nutshell all colours used must complement each other and convey a message.

Positioning and Alignment – Positioning and alignment of content and menus is crucial. Previous success and knowing what works is a sound platform. Understanding human nature can also impact choices. Regardless of how one gets there, having a correct flow of menus, content, articles and information will allow for free movement and engagement when users access your website.

Navigation and Menus – You need a site that is fast to navigate. When visitors log on to your website, it should take as little time possible to load. If it takes too much time due to flawed infrastructure or heavy traffic, users may decide to never use your site again.

Site Exploration and Interaction – The site must be entirely trouble-free. It should contain well structured menus and sub-menus for visitors to explore. In instances where visitors are unable to find what they are searching for they will log off. As a designer, always provide alternative options such as a search field or links to provide further access.

Functionality and Usability – Ease of use is another fundamental aspect of web design. The landing page itself needs to be totally appealing and entirely reveal the purpose of the website. It needs to be divided into sub-pages and structurally correct. Encourage the user to look for information directly and not begrudge doing so.

Browser Friendly – The design of the website should be browser friendly and responsive to all media including large screens, desktop, ipads etc. and mobile devices. All versions should have a fluent form, complimentary to the main site and render correctly in all devices.

Web Content – What is written on the page speaks volumes about your brand. The content of your website needs to bring truth to the design and set a visual tone. Be realistic and appropriate and explain the product or service. A good website can only be as good as the information put in.

Last but not least, ensure content and structure of a website is accessible to search engines.

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