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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term used to explain marketing that uses digital platforms to reach consumers. Experts believe digital marketing is different from traditional marketing and it is. Connecting with customers directly via social media accounts, mobile phones, in a video game or via an app. is a definite advantage when compared to traditional media but only if the offer is relevant at the time.

As you may already be aware, the internet is not an easy space to operate in. Digital channels are multiplying rapidly and marketers have to keep pace with technology and how platforms work. Knowing how to target clients directly on the various platforms is vitally important. In addition, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture consumers attention due to competing ads. Digital marketers may also find it difficult to drill down vast amounts of data when constructing future marketing campaigns.

Timing is Everything

As the saying goes, timing is everything and if digital marketers can get it right the website owner is half way there. Determining what platforms to use and what demographic to specifically target is crucial. Plus one has to factor the campaign cost and what the likely return on investment (ROI) will be. To construct a successful digital marketing campaign the best advice is always research, research, research.

Main Types of Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing in a broad sense is the main part of digital marketing activity. Quality content should be at the core of every campaign. Content should be valuable relevant, consistent and actionable. The ultimate objective is to drive a profitable customer action through the promotion of content on social media, email marketing or even PPC campaigns. Content marketing includes blogs, e-books, info-graphics, podcasts and webinars. Campaigns need to be engaging with a call to action, encouraging the target audience to seek and consume.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC marketing provides the ability to reach consumers on a number of digital platforms through paid search ads. When a consumer clicks on an ad they are then directed to a product or service. Platforms used include Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook and show ads to visitors searching for related items. The beauty of PPC advertising is a digital marketer can drill down to find specific demographics and target them accordingly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing channels available. Having a website which curates an email list is vital and provides the opportunity to communicate directly with interested and potential customers. Email marketing is the best method to build a meaningful and productive relationship with a consumer but treat it with respect and do not abuse. Spammy links will send clients running for the hills. Use email marketing only when it offers customers a meaningful interaction with your brand.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing has a similar structure to PPC Marketing but is far more nuanced. SMM is more about listening to what customers have to say, as opposed to telling customers what you have to offer. Engaging in conversations with users and sharing valuable content on various social media platforms can increase exposure of your brand and drive significant traffic to your website. It is a weapon if used correctly and great to have in a website owner or digital marketer’s tool kit.

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